Single services

Would you like a one-time project to be quickly carried out or you need a complete outsourcing service? Then hereby we would like to convince you of our added value, in the hope of building a successful business relationship with you soon.

Let us show you what we are capable of. You need help quickly, for example, with the cleaning of a building, the management of understaffing, an (internal) relocation or with any other facility services? Then we are happy to help you. For us it is the perfect opportunity to show what we can offer. We are keen on establishing a long-term cooperation with you through delivering one-time assignments, but more often, an extensive facility service. This allows us to do more for you and also, more services come with more discounts.

In case of a future cooperation, you will benefit in any case from:

  • economies of scale of our purchase discounts,
  • single or multiple services,
  • a project based approach, rapidly deployable,
  • our professional guidance and control of facility operations,
  • our efficient administrative operations.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for an appointment. Our project or sales managers can contact you for an informal talk.

In the table below you can see the potential impact of our methods to your organisation.