Multi services

If you would like to structurally reduce your costs, our multi services is the best form of cooperation. Especially when you need the fulfillment of several facility services on a regular basis. Besides, you can make use of appealing purchase discounts.

Multi Services

If you are looking for someone to manage, for example, the cleaning of your (company) clothing, groundskeeping, land or building maintenance on a regular basis, then you have come to the right place. With the multi-services cooperation form you enjoy a package with more benefits than with our single services.

Advantages of multi services:

  • Better coordination of facility services within your organization
  • Excellent opportunity to save costs
  • Good basis to take over operation of services including stock management and a facility location manager

As we can tailor our facility services on your organisation, the opportunity to cut costs is higher. In some cases the best way is that we take on all operation services and inventory management and appoint a facility location manager on a project basis. Of course, only after checking it with you. We go as far as you want. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department for an appointment. Our project or sales managers will come to you for a talk without any commitments.