Toilet hygiene

A perfect sanitary hygiene is a prerequisite in a business environment. It is a sign that you show respect for your guests and employees. And often, it gives an impression to new customers who come for a visit on the quality they can expect from your company.

Toilet supplies and equipment need to be managed well. Hand drying systems, soap dispensers, paper dispensers, sanitary napkin containers and air fresheners among other things. Important questions here are: how intensively are the washrooms used and how exclusive should the appearance be? And which is the most advantageous for you? Buying a paper or soap dispenser, renting it, or getting them free from the supplier if you use their products?

How fresh is your toilet hygiene contract?

The toilet paper is always out of stock. You do not know what to choose between buying and renting. Which is more beneficial and what are the pros and cons? You don’t know what cleaning agents you use. And especially for large companies, the question is whether the management of washrooms should be centralized or decentralized.

We have the solution for you

Together with you, S&S Facility Services looks at your business situation. And together we look for the best and most cost-effective solution for you. Furthermore, we arrange everything from delivery and installation to cleaning, repair and replacement of for example towel dispensers. Besides sanitary services, we arrange things for you such as cleaning agents, door mats and bin bags.

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