S&S Facility Services organises, maintains, conducts and controls facility services for businesses and private customers. We provide end-to-end services to our business clients, while private customers benefit from services in and around their homes.

You benefit from:

  • Economies of scale
  • Cost savings
  • Knowledge partner
  • Unburdening
  • One stop shopping

For businessesafdeling inkoop, financiën, verkoop, productie, kwaliteit, technische dienst, personeelszaken, ict of van de directie

We take care of any task that organisations and their employees entrust us, hereby making possible for them to focus on their core business. We prefer to carry out our activities organisation wide, in all business units. Depending on the organisation, we work on behalf of the procurement, finance, sales, production, quality control, technical services, facility management, human resources, ICT departments or the management itself, to mention a few examples.


And for our private customers  specialistische onderhoudsdiensten

On the private market our services include, among others, the provision of specialized maintenance services that fulfil individual needs. This way we help our clients in sustaining their environment as well as their properties. There is an increasing need for a specialized service provider that satisfies the demand for more complex services in and around the house as one single supplier. In carrying out mostly technical services, we can assure our customers that they are in good hands. Our priority is to deliver our services with safety, precision and reliability.


But also for homeowners' associationsappartementsgebouwen dossierbeheerder

If a building consists of more than one apartment or multiple residents own the property, it is obligatory by the Belgian law to appoint a so-called syndicus, a building manager. This person must take care of the common facilities of the property on behalf of the homeowners’ association. The maintenance of such apartment buildings is familiar to us. Together with the building manager and the owners, we accomplish the proper management and maintenance of your residence.


Everything for youBelgië en Nederland

S&S Facility Services is highly active in Belgium and The Netherlands. Having identified an increasing trend where these markets demand more services to be brought under one ultimate supplier – the one stop shop, S&S Facility Services exists to fulfil this need. We provide a wide and varied range of services in the areas that you see on the left side of this page. We offer service packages from our broad portfolio to satisfy the different requirements from many business sectors, while we are committing ourselves to a successful collaboration with you.