Unique working method

In the field of facility services everyone has his own needs and requirements.
These depend on the size of the company and the industry in which you work.

S&S Facility Services therefore always offers tailor-made solutions in the field of facility services.


Different service providers

S&S Facility Services works with many different service providers. That is why we always find a service provider that suits best to your organisation and its current situation. S&S Facility Services takes here an independent and uninvolved role.

One point of contact
For all facility services you receive an invoice and you have one point of contact, namely S&S Facility Services. Even if you go for several facility services, you have the feeling of working with only one company.

Free quickscan

Our experienced specialist staff will be happy to meet you first and then make a thorough assessment of your current situation, needs and requirements.

Transparent and clear
Using a quick scan, that we often perform free of charge*, we point out the most suitable and efficient solution for you in a transparent and clear way.

Free quickscan