Waste management

Waste is generated in every organisation and each type of waste requires a different waste management strategy, including specific collection and handling procedures. Often, government regulations have to be taken into account. Regulations, that you do not want to accidentally contravene.

When disposing waste it is important to know what are the volumes involved and what is the composition of the waste stream. It can be residual waste, paper, glass, grease, oil, hazardous household waste (HHW), construction and demolition waste and wood. As regards the collection of waste, you can choose from national and regional providers. In recent years, there have been many mergers and acquisitions on this market.

How loud and clear is your waste collection contract?

What problems do you come across as an entrepreneur? The contract you have with the waste collector is unclear. You wonder what exactly was agreed upon. It is also unclear how the rates are established. And in your search for a new provider, you will discover big differences between their services.

As a matter of fact: is it you who need to place the container on the street or they do that for you? Why was the garbage bag next to the full container not taken away? Can a waste disposal company also sweep or clean your premises?

We have the solution for you

S&S Facility Services can check the soundness of your contracts and we are also well aware of the industry rates. We know which company offers the right services for your company, which waste disposal company can process your waste in the most efficient way. That is one burden taken off your shoulders.

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