Technical maintenance

Technical installations and equipment can work well if they are maintained correctly. Examples are heating systems and lifts. Maintenance can be preventive or corrective, so that components of technical installations and buildings are kept in a good condition.

An important part of technical installations are fire detectors, fire fighting equipment and emergency lighting. It is crucial that your company has the right installations and resources. And that their operation is regularly monitored. Because well-functioning technical systems are important for the smooth running of your business. Besides, they also contribute to the overall security of your business.

How secure is your technical maintenance contract?

You forgot to have the fire extinguishers checked in time. There has been a fire and the insurance company does not reimburse the damage. It is not demonstrable that the fire extinguishers were in order. Or on the first real cold day of the year, the heating system does not work due to lack of maintenance.

We have the solution for you

We make sure that your fire extinguishers are checked in time. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. And as we make sure that the heating system is checked well before the winter, you won’t have to sit in the cold.

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