Staffing solutions

In many companies there is a discrepancy between the supply of labour force and the market demand at certain times. Gaps can be filled in different ways. Through the distribution of workload, use of temporary workers, part-time contracts, overtime work, changing of the shift system, outsourcing or setting up labour pools, amongst others. Having your own employees can be more costly due to the increasing fixed costs.

If you are not sure whether there is enough work for the longer term, the question is whether to hire a fix employee or not. If you want to focus more on your core business, than the outsourcing of processes provides new opportunities. We help you with the flexible staffing of your company.

How flexible are your HR contracts?

There is a maze of employment related rules that you can’t see through. Or you are looking for specifically trained staff but have trouble with finding the right candidates. Maybe you need additional staffing for peak periods. You notice that the HR administration is too bureaucratic.

An unexpected income tax is not budgeted. In addition, the costs of accountants are high.

We have the solution for you

We offer various forms of cooperation that allows you a flexible management of under-or over-capacities. We have experience with reliable employment agencies that we partner up with. We act as an agent between them and your business to ensure a good match. Some agencies are specialised in a particular industry therefore they are a competent partner if you are looking for specialised staff. And as we are aware of the relevant regulations, we can give you advice on which type of employment contracts suit you best. With payrolling, temporary employment, secondment and outsourcing, lots of costs can be saved. However, there are many misunderstandings about these terms, so scroll down for a brief explanation.

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