Specialist maintenance

If a contamination cannot be removed during the daily cleaning process, specialist cleaning is the next step. These include graffiti removal, the cleaning of lift shafts and ceiling cleaning.

For cleaning and maintenance works that do not belong to regular cleaning, you often need diverse specialists. With special equipment and specialist knowledge and insight, they know how the job can be best done. Through trainings, documentation studies and years of experience, we keep our knowledge of this field up to date. Whether it comes to deep cleaning of washrooms and kitchens, or the cleaning of facades, blinds, curtains and computers. Or, for example, the maintenance of linoleum floors by spraying, buffing, stripping and preserving.

A periodic maintenance of linoleum, carpet, PVC or marble floors is a job for floor specialists. Or carpet cleaning by means of the bonnet, spray extraction or carbon dioxide methods. S & S Facility Services always has a good solution.

How clear are your specialist maintenance contracts?

There has been an accident during the production process. The cleaning crew comes only in a few days, but it must be cleaned now. Or the linoleum is worn prematurely due to incorrect use of cleaning materials.

Actions should be made according to the regulation of working conditions and/or safety and security rules but you do not know which cleaning products you may or may not use.

We have the solution for you

We address urgent matters immediately. First, we thoroughly assess the situation at hand. Then we know exactly what needs to be done and by which specialist. Because only specialized companies are able to do specialist cleaning properly. Besides, we ensure a proper planning. For instance, if the linoleum floor has to be treated and its not allowed to step on it for a few days, it must be adjusted to the daily activities of your company. In consultation with you we can get things done without affecting your production process. Even if we have to work in night shifts or at the weekend.

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