Both businesses and individuals try to protect themselves against crime. However when they have already fell victim to one, counter-measures are often wrong or insufficient. Usually, a robbery or theft is not only limited to financial loss. Sometimes it also causes psychological damage. Therefore prevention is always better than cure.

The purpose of security systems is to prevent and control damage to persons, goods and information. Many entrepreneurs want to reduce the risk of crime. They do so by taking more and better preventive measures. Preferably without increasing their administrative burden. But they often have too little time and knowledge to find out what extra measures can improve their safety effectively.

How safe is your security contract?

There is a wide variety of security disciplines and technical possibilities from which companies and individuals can choose in order to manage their risk. In addition, security and technology are increasingly interdependent.

Social development and (new) laws and regulations, for example, of insurance companies, make an integrated security approach more as a necessity than a desire.

We have the solution for you

S & S Facility Services is completely equipped for the increased focus on risk management. Upon request, we make a comprehensive security plan around objects, areas and the staff of your organisation. With this plan we can make specific recommendations to reach an appropriate level of security for your organization in the most effective way. To better prevent and control damage to persons, goods and information. Because integral security is per definition cross- sectional, we carefully adjust our security approach to your specific needs.

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