Pest control

Pests in your business are harmful to your employees and customers, not to mention the resulting damage to the image of your company. Besides an effective pest control, the prevention of for example harmful bacteria or damage to the products is at least as important.

When planning a pest control, the logistics of your business is important. The control must be adjusted accordingly. It is also important to know what products are manufactured in the area. After a consultation with you we determine how often a check will take place. During these, we also trace and detect shortcomings of constructional, hygienic or business nature.

How sound is your pest control contract?

During the production of foodstuff you should be able to prove that there are no harmful bacteria in the products. Water-cooling installations and sanitary utilities should also be thoroughly checked for harmful bacteria.

At places where food is prepared or where water is used, it is of extra importance to keep good hygiene. In compliance with quality systems like HACCP, BRC,IFS or ISO, an optimal hygiene level should be demonstrable. The frequency and extensiveness of an inspection depends on the production process, the spaces where work is performed and also on what is described in the quality manual. For many companies it is too expensive to have their own laboratory for quality control. Enabling an external agency to implement a bacteriological examination is therefore cheaper.

You have to present the results of the bacteriological examination but its not at hand. Or during a customer visit the mice are running up and down and there is a pungent smell in your reception room?

We have the solution for you

We ensure that you always have an online access to the results of the bacteriological examination. S&S Facility Services works closely with specialized partners. This allows us to keep pests away in a professional and environmentally safe manner. Public health plays here an important role.

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