The image of your company is not only reflected by the building, but also by the landscape around it. It is therefore important that the planning, construction and maintenance works are all done by experienced grounds men.

Activities around your building may include the design, construction and maintenance of your company’s garden. Many recurring activities thereby are shrub pruning, tree felling, weed control, mowing and the maintenance of ponds.

How well cut is your groundskeeping contract?

The grass is too high and weeds are growing up to the front door. That does not give a neat impression for your customer who comes for a visit. Thanks to a bad garden design trees and bushes grow against the windows?

As a result of different agreements between entrepreneurs and gardeners, the grass is cut well on one part, but not on other parts of your business terrain?

We have the solution for you

We get you the grounds man that suits best to your business. We ensure that the structural maintenance is well planned, so that the grass has no time to grow too long. We provide you a good garden design where planting is no longer troublesome. S&S Facility Services can arrange a collective contract between the entrepreneurs and the grounds men of your business terrain. So you get a uniform appearance when it comes to landscaping.

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