Grounds maintenance

A business premise that is taken care of adds to the image of the company. On the other hand, if it is neglected or looks dirty, it affects your business negatively. Moreover, broken pavement or improper lighting can cause unsafe and risky situations. For these reasons alone it’s worth to pay attention to a good structural maintenance.

Usually it consists of activities such as the maintenance of pavement on the premises or the replacement of defective street and building lighting. Cleaning up litter and cleaning cesspits also belong to grounds maintenance. In autumn and winter, cleaning slippery roads and sidewalks from moss, snow or ice adds to it.

How safe is your site maintenance agreement?

Your entrance is full of leaves and has become incredibly slippery. As a result of several agreements between entrepreneurs and grounds men no one feels responsible to address this dangerous issue first. Moreover, the signage looks dirty and neglected. All in all, not a nice impression to your guests.

We have the solution for you

We provide a sound maintenance schedule, so that your site always looks neat and tidy. We take care of employing the right people for all these activities. S & S Facility Services can arrange a collective contract between the entrepreneurs of a business park, so you don’t have to worry more about it. You deal with only one service supplier.

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