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A clean work environment is not only important for health reasons but also for the satisfaction of your employees. Just think of the daily cleaning of offices and washrooms. These are things that must be done properly and regularly, and on which you don’t want to keep a check.

Cleaning activities should be adjusted to the daily work within your company. No vacuum cleaning during office hours in places where phone calls are made. And of course a showroom should look tiptop before the customers arrive. It is therefore important to have a carefully thought-out work program beforehand, with a clear agreement on the quality to be delivered. When changing service providers, a baseline measurement is needed, a so-called transfer agreement.

How transparent is your cleaning contract?

You have a new contract with a cleaning company, but after three months the baseboards are dirty or high objects are not cleaned properly. Additional cleanings are needed or the floor is not scrubbed properly? In short, you are not satisfied with your cleaning company and you contract a new provider. To your horror, the old cleaning lady has not been replaced. According to the OSB and CAO rules for cleaning and window cleaning companies, in the case of a contract change, an employee who has been working there for more than 1,5 years must be taken over.

Something went wrong during the production, but the cleaning crew comes only in two days. How could this be resolved? Unexpectedly, a large delegation comes for a visit. Extra hands are needed quickly in the cleaning crew.


We have the solution for you

We check at your location whether the cleaning company meets its commitments. When changing cleaning providers, we make sure that the cleaner who does not function well is replaced. We also resolve ad hoc urgent cleaning issues such as emergencies and unexpected visit.

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