Wide range of services

Placing an ever-broader package of services with one total supplier – one-stop shopping – offers many advantages.
Read what a collaboration with S&S Facility Services has to offer.

Why working with S&S Facility Services?

Savings through economies of scale
We have made competitive price agreements with a circle of strictly selected service providers.
When you work together with S&S Facility Services, you automatically use our framework agreements and benefit form purchasing advantage.

Keep an overview
You will receive one invoice from us for all your facility services.
This relieves you of your operational and administrative organization.
This enables you to reduce internal costs, while your external costs are often also lower.

Focus on essentials
While we take over the care of all additional facilities,
you can fully concentrate on the activities with which you generate your income.

Contribute in optimal working conditions
The quality of facility services matters, such as the security of the company,
the cleaning of all work areas and the arrangement of catering, make a major contribution to the working conditions of the employees.
With S&S Facility Services you get a specialized total supplier.
It is our profession and our passion to give a positive impulse to the job satisfaction of your employees.

Monitoring and unburdening
We contract the service providers and check closely on the performance of the work and the correctness of the costs charged for this.
We also closely monitor that the service providers fit in with your corporate culture.
Your satisfaction is our top priority and we do everything we can to achieve and continue that satisfaction.

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