Our clients

S&S Facility Services works for private companies and organisations as well as for corporate clients such as industrial sites,
business associations and homeowners’ associations.

Why should you choose S&S Facility Services? In the section below we give an overview of the market segments in which we operate, and how our customers think about our added value.



The market for leisure and recreation is a rapidly growing market that should respond fast to the current demand, economic trends and changing interests of consumers.

Business continuity
Besides their primary function, facility services are largely accountable for customer satisfaction. Cooperation with a specialist in the field of facility management promotes the achievement of business continuity.


The industrial market includes companies that make semi-finished products, components or finished products. Both for the business and consumer markets.

More effectively and efficiently
By providing services in the field of facility management, we help businesses to perform their core processes more effectively and efficiently.


Professional education requires more than just good teaching methods. It also sets high standards as for the availability and condition of buildings.

Adequate support services
These standards call for adequate support services in the field of facilities management and educational building maintenance.


The government cuts billions in costs, decentralises and simplifies regulations. At the same time it also wants to offer a better service to its citizens and businesses, with employing less civil servants.

Implementation of CSR policies
Thanks to a right partner in facility and support services, governments can focus on a better delivery of services to their citizens and businesses. S&S Facility Services is a partner that can fill gaps related to the implementation of CSR policies and social hiring at short notice.

Construction industry

A crucial requirement for the construction industry is to achieve business continuity in a volatile market. Therefore, a flexible partner for support services is very much welcomed.

Especially when it is at home on the market of facilities management, building maintenance and technical maintenance of real estate.


The health sector is under a continuous financial pressure. The health care system is changing sturdily, while responding to these necessary changes is crucial. Innovative concepts in support services, both for organisations and individual clients, will make the difference in business continuity and in the development of health care intitutions.

Through cooperation between insurers, governments and service providers, healthcare will remain accessible for those who depend on it.

Transport and logistics

If traffic and transportation come to a halt, the economy stagnates. Continuity is the keyword, which is achieved by working with a specialist in the field of facility services.

A specialst that ensures that carriers and other logistics professionals can focus on their core issues such as accessibility, continuity, customer orientation and efficiency.

Business services

Due to the changing economic conditions, competition and a growing customer awareness, financial and business services are under pressure. The ability to engage customers, the improvement of business processes and the continuous focus on the primary activities ensures continuity in the long term.

Adequate supportĀ 
A partner, who takes care of the adequate support of the primary processes, is crucial for survival and is the key to success in a highly competitive market.


Trade and retail must respond very quickly to the current customer demand and economic conditions. The pursue of efficiency, proper marketing and relatedly, a good business profile and business infrastructure are a must.

A flexible partner, who takes care of your business profile and manages facilities behind the scenes, is worth gold.