About S&S Facility Services

S&S Facility Services is located in Eindhoven and also serves its many Belgian customers from here.
We identified an increasing trend where these markets demand an ever-wider range of services to be offered by one ultimate supplier
– the one stop shop.

For the coming years we forecast a stable growth and more and more demand to be able to order services online as well.
We anticipate this through an innovative start-up FacilityDeal.

The ultimate provider of facility services

With the establishment of our organisation in 2003, the role of the cleaning agent had been replaced with that of a consultant who, besides managing contracts, also takes care of quality control. Now, the field of facility management is responsible for the implementation of the organisations’ secondary processes, of which before they often took care themselves.

An unknown area
Soon it became clear, that the own ‘housekeeping service’ could not handle the increased demand, therefore the purchasing department was enabled. Although shoppers are especially adept in the procurement of raw materials and other matters that are directly related to the core business, facility management seemed as an unknown area with its own pitfalls and snags.

Added value

Our added value differentiates us from the many consulting companies who focus primarily on tendering and cleaning operations. We offer our clients tangible and measurable value.

The services provided by S&S Facility Services are characterized by the following six points:

  • One supplier for all facility services
  • An expert partner
  • Advise and implementation
  • Personal and direct contact
  • Synergistic benefits
  • Performance checks

Your risk-bearing contractor

Just like in the case of other market segments, the collective purchasing also of facility services did not really exist in practise. S&S Facility Services has brought here a change by successfully implementing a number of collective projects.

The spin-off of this change is that we are now functioning as one, risk-bearing main contractor. Our operating principle “Integrated Facility Services” describes how we address this concept.