Looking for facility services?

We offer various forms of cooperation, creative and cost-saving solutions!

Why S&S Facility Services?

Savings through economies of scale
Benefit from purchasing advantages from our service providers.
We make strict selections and competitive price arrangements.

Keep an overview
One invoice for all your facility services: very convenient.

Focus on essentials
You can fully concentrate on your core activities, S&S Facility Services takes care of the ‘secondary issues’.

Contribute in optimal working conditions
It is our job to give the correct interpretation to cleaning, catering, security, etc. so that you can get the best start.
Our positive impulse to the job satisfaction of your employees.

Monitoring and unburdening
We closely monitor the performance of the work and the calculation of costs.
It is in your and our interest to achieve and continue satisfaction.

Our services

Our services include all possible facility services around the activities or buildings of our business clients
Organizing, managing, executing and controlling.